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An Ethical Dog Breeder

Welcome to Ash Tree Farm, our peaceful retreat in beautiful Tasmania, where we live with our young children and our wonderful Australian Cobberdogs. 

We are a small, ethical Master Dog Breeders and Associates registered breeding program and the very first to establish Australian Cobberdogs in our wonderful State.

 We first happened upon Australian Cobberdogs in late 2017 while looking for a sweet, gentle dog to join our growing family. We had owned working dogs or rescue dogs, but nothing seemed quite right for us now that we had small children underfoot and wanted to focus more on home life. Until one day, we happened upon a beautiful little Cobberdog puppy who became our very first Cobberdog and the rest, as they say, is history.

Bred with a special focus on their therapy - friendly qualities and their low - allergenic coats we believe that Cobberdogs are a wonderful choice for therapy and companion pets alike and we are honoured to be able to connect such a wonderful breed with families and individuals who will benefit from such a predictably connected dog.
We are firmly focused on how we, as Breeders, can add to the continued healthy and transparent development of the Australian Cobberdog for many generations to come.

We do this through continued education and collaboration with other ethical and like - minded Breeders both in Australia and overseas, while being overseen by the Master Dog breeders and Associates (MDBA). We adhere to and follow all appropriate state standards and guidelines pertaining to animal welfare and canine breeding.

We are not a kennel, nor are we a puppy farm. We have a small handful of our breeding Cobberdogs living with us as family pets and our other Australian Cobberdogs live in carefully selected, loving guardian homes. 

In a guardian home, our Cobberdogs are able to participate in our breeding program for a short time (generally for two litters) all while living with a wonderful forever family. This unique arrangement allows for the healthy continuation of the breed, with the very best home environment for each of our wonderful Cobbers. 
We have become passionate advocates of the Australian Cobberdog, particularly coming from a social services background. I find that the soft warmth and pleasure they bring to the home, families and individuals is something that is difficult to beat.
Ash Tree Farm helps to connect families, many with specific needs, to wonderfully warm Australian Cobberdogs. We are responsible, ethical breeders who take pride in following only the highest level breeding practices in every aspect of what we do. 
We feel very fortunate to have our Australian Cobberdogs in our lives and we learn from them each and every day. Our Cobberdogs are adored family pets and we are passionate and excited to be connecting more of these wonderful dogs to loving forever homes throughout Tasmania and beyond!

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