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Australian Cobberdogs

Australian Cobberdogs are a registered pure - breed still in the developing stages. The MDBA Registered Breeders, in consultation with the MDBA and its members, are in the process of continued selective breeding of the Australian Cobberdog, primarily for it's pet therapy - quality characteristics, it's low - shed and low - allergenic coat, it's warm and connected nature and it's wonderful general health and flexibility to it's surrounds. 

An Australian Cobberdog has it's own unique DNA sequence and a Breed Standard, which recognises the characteristics and traits that a well - bred Australian Cobberdog will have. Read on to find out more about Cobberdog characteristics, coats, colours and sizes.

Health and Temperament

All of our Australian Cobberdogs undergo full DNA Breed Profiling, come from excellent healthy lines and undergo specialist tests related to canine breeding, as well as all recommended vaccinations, for the entirety of their lives.
Being a breed in development, we will occasionally have an exemplary Cobberdog, which carries a recessive gene for a known genetic condition or coat trait. It is important to understand that these Cobberdogs are carriers only (similarly to us humans carrying recessive genes) and in these instances we carefully test and match with a suitably genetically clear mate who does not carry the same gene. This ensures that none of our puppies will ever be affected by known recessive conditions that can impact negatively on their health. This is also why it is crucial that you desex your pet Australian Cobberdog in line with our strict recommendations.

At Ash Tree Farm we guarantee the overall health of our puppies and are always on hand to assist our past, present and future puppy families.
 Cobberdog Coats

Australian Cobberdogs are to some extent still having their coats developed and refined. As such, their coats can be genetically straight (falls in attractive waves), genetically wavy (slightly more dense than the straight coat but similar in look) or somewhat less commonly now, curly coats. Occasionally a Cobberdog will have a short, higher - shedding  flat coat, though rare it does still pop up and they are still exceptionally sweet and unique. Coats can vary in density and in how little they shed and we work with families to match them to the most appropriate coat for their needs. 

Coat Colour

People can get pretty excited about the different Cobberdog colours and we totally get it, they are indeed beautiful! At Ash Tree Farm our breeding program is firmly focused firstly on the health and temperament of our Australian Cobberdogs. It is vital that we as breeders get this right and this does mean that we are not selectively breeding for colour alone. 

As Australian Cobberdogs continue to gain popularity around the world, there will be trends in colour which change over time. Our position is that coat colour is a beautiful feature of the Australian Cobberdog but that their remarkable human focus, gentle natures and general aptitude for therapy training, should be the primary reason for your interest in an Australian Cobberdog puppy. As such, we will not allocate puppies purely based on their coat colour. 

Cobberdog Sizes

Standard: 56cm +, 22kg - 40kg
Medium: 47cm - 56cm, 16kg - 22kg
Small Medium: 41cm - 47cm, 10kg - 16kg

Miniature: 35cm - 41cm, 7kg - 10kg

At Ash Tree Farm we currently have lines in the large miniature, medium and small standard size ranges. A size suitable for all homes and households!

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